What to Look While Choosing House for Sale in Pakistan?

What to Look While Choosing House for Sale in Pakistan?

February 7, 2019 0 By Admin

Buying your own house can be just like a living dream. The entire process can be exciting and daunting at the same time. In case you are searching for a dream House for sale in Pakistan, then there are several things that you should keep in your mind. House buying is unlike grocery shopping. You cannot take it lenient. The entire process has to be followed very carefully, as this is going to be the hugest spending of your life time. There are some common mistakes which usually first time home buyers make. The following points will help you avoid making any such mistake that could push them in financial calamity and mess.  

Read and follow the below mentioned tips before you choose your favorite house for sale.

  1. Meet Directly with Owner of Property

In case you are planning to buy a house in Lahore, then you must be overly excited as this city is considered as the London of Pakistan. Here you will have hundreds of options in the form of beautiful, modern and strongly built houses. You can choose your desirable location and can then carry on with further search. Make sure that you do not wholly and solely on the real estate agents. If only you will depend and relay on this source, then you may end up buying something at the price which is much higher than its real market price.

Property agents try to earn their own business through the deals they finalize between the buyers and seller. So beware of any such frauds. Try to search for house for sale in Lahore on famous and reliable real estate social websites like zameen.com or olx.com. In this way you will be able to make comparisons between real estate property prices and can get a lot of help and guidance from the experienced people who do business in real estate trading.

  • Don’t pay the full amount

When you have selected a house and the deal is now in final stage, then make sure you do not pay the total amount of the house at once. You must only pay the token money at the time when you finalize the deal with the seller. It is because of the safety of the entire home buying process. You can also buy time meanwhile to arrange the entire amount against the house you are planning to buy. In case you do not know the amount of token money that you must pay, then you must know now that usually the token amount ranges between 50k to .1m. This token money ensures the finalization of the deal between both the parties. There are few things to consider and give value to;

  1. Make sure you take the copy of transfer letter.
  2. Check if the token slip has an accurate file number of the property on which the house is built.
  3. It should be clearly mentioned on the slip of token money that there are no pending payments on behalf of that property.
  4. The amount which you pay as token money will be counted in the actual price of the property. It means that it will not go wasted.
  5. Get the verification done

This process is very important for the safety and security of your money that you are planning to invest in the selected house for sale. You must go to the office of the society in which you are going to buy the house. Do this to make sure that the property you are buying is legal and is free from any kind of dispute. Get all the verifications done before paying even a single penny.

  • No payments please cash

Once the deal is finalized and you are into the payment phase, then make sure you do not pay even a single penny in cash. There are some important points to remember when making payment. You can pay through check or pay orders. It will help to make the process more authentic and secure, as this will provide you with proof of the money you will pay to the seller.

Once you will complete the entire process of buying a house for sale in Lahore, then you can take a sigh of relief.