The Top Brands that Made the Best Cordless Drill of 2018

The Top Brands that Made the Best Cordless Drill of 2018

December 4, 2018 0 By Admin

When it comes to making comparisons about the best cordless drills, you can be overwhelmed by the different cordless drill reviews that are available on line which more often than not are sponsored by the different manufacturers of the drills. Truth is, the concept of best is a highly relative term. When it comes to determining the best cordless drills, there are different factors that need to be considered such as your use for the drill, frequency of use or your budget, among others things. If you’re a metal works contractor, a small electrical appliance technician, DIY wood work hobbyist or a typical homeowner, you have different demands and requirements for a drill. In short, we have different ideas of what is the best cordless drill. Thus, instead of providing you with a review and list of the best drills of 2018 in the market, we give you the top 3 brands that made the best cordless drills to date.

Top 3 Cordless Drill Manufacturers

Black And Decker. When it comes to power tools, Black & Decker is definitely one of the most sought after choice especially in the US. They are not just one of the pioneers in the industry as they have been making tools since 1910, but they have also dominated the market as they have absorbed and integrated other leading manufacturers of power tools. Black & Decker actually now owns other equally popular brands when it comes to power drills such as DeWalt, Stanely, and Craftsman. DeWalt has been one of its major brands since 1960. In 2010, it merged with Stanley to form the Stanley Black & Decker. And last year, it acquired Craftsman from Sears. In buying and incorporating many of its rivals, Black & Decker is able to consolidate all the innovative features of its rivals to manufacture the best cordless drills of 2018.

Bosch. Another leading brand of power tools that never fails to land on every top list review is Bosch. This German company has successfully associated its brand with quality precisely because its products had never failed to deliver and had been proven to withstand time for its durability. However, this brand is almost always associated with costly price. But then again, quality has its price. As a company. Bosch is known to be a supplier of industrial technology. Hence, its products are generally regarded to be of industrial standard quality. However, in order to cater to different markets, it has also started to manufacture tools for heavy duty and general use. It has cordless mini drill drivers for DIY project hobbyists as well as sturdy Bosch Brute drills for heavy construction projects. Because of these, Bosch is conventionally well accepted as a top brand for the best cordless drills in 2018.

Makita. When it comes to quality and innovation, Japan is one country that can never be missed. And when it comes to power tools or cordless drills, Makita is the Japanese brand to beat. And we take this to the Japanese people who are most meticulous when it comes to quality and innovation. For one, Makita is the first to introduce the Lithium-Ion battery in 2005. Apparently, it was a Japanese scientist named Akira Yoshino, who invented the lithium-ion battery technology. Today, this innovative battery has become standard technology used not only for cordless power tools but for computers and mobile phones across the world. Aside from this, Makita has also incorporated extreme protection technology to safeguard its tools from dust and water for enhanced durability. Thus, Makita has been known for its innovation and durability, which makes it one the best cordless drill of 2018.