New Condos in Montreal by Neighbourhood

February 6, 2019 0 By Admin

The demand for condos is huge in Montreal, and that’s led to a real estate boom of epic proportions. Developers started construction on 219,675 new condos in Montreal in 2017, and those condos are spread out in various neighbourhoods. Get the details some of the top neighbourhoods, so you will know where you want to buy a new condo.


Griffintown is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after places to live in Montreal. Because of that, people looking for new condos in Montreal often start here. It’s just a short walk or bike ride from downtown, and it’s full of chic shops and delicious restaurants, including the Bird Bar. If you end up living in Griffintown, don’t be surprised if you visit the Bird Bar on a regular basis so you can enjoy some of its Montreal-famous fried chicken and waffles.

La Petite-Patrie

La Petite-Patrie is also home to some of the finest new condos in Montreal. This trendy neighbourhood is known for having two personalities. Rue Saint-Hubert is one of the most popular shopping districts in the city, with more than 400 boutiques. That’s one-half of the neighbourhood. The other half has to do with its Latin flair. Hispanic eateries are extremely popular here, making this an excellent place to buy new condos in Montreal if you are craving daily shopping excursions or heavy doses of Latin food.


Mile-Ex is another great choice if you’re looking for new condos in Montreal. The area really sprung up in recent years when artists could no longer afford to live in Mile End. They brought their creativity to Mile-Ex, and art-filled factories, cafes, and restaurants followed. Whether you are an artist or simply have an appreciation for this hip culture, this is an excellent place to buy a condo.

Old Montreal

If you want something more established, you can look for a new condo in Old Montreal. This is the oldest district in Montreal, and it’s undergone quite a transformation in recent years. It’s home to various landmarks, such as Notre-Dame Basilica, but it also has modern entertainment and residential spaces, along with a nice selection of new condos. This neighbourhood is the best of both worlds. It has that old-world charm with a side of chic urban appeal.  


Côte-des-Neiges is like the melting pot of Montreal. More than 100 different ethnic groups are represented in this neighbourhood, and it has the restaurant choices to show for it. You can find everything from American to Vietnamese eateries here, and it is also home to trails that will take you through the forest. If you’re interested in new condos in Montreal that will provide you with a diverse living experience, it’s hard to beat this neighbourhood.

Which Neighbourhood Is Right for You?

With so many new condos in Montreal available, you are full control over where you live. Decide which neighbourhood is the right choice for you and then invest in a condo. You will love living in any of these spectacular neighbourhoods.