Find Accommodation While Studying In Switzerland

Find Accommodation While Studying In Switzerland

August 30, 2019 0 By Admin

Swiss universities are amongst the most popular in the world. The universities attract thousands of foreign students every year from everywhere in the world. Some of the main reasons why Swiss universities are a favourite with many foreign students are because of the Swiss quality of education, rated among the best in the world, availability of scholarship opportunities, Swiss quality of life, which is much higher than that of many other countries and multilinguism.

Even with all these opportunities and benefits, studying and living in Switzerland is not as easy as it sounds. Students have to contend with the Swiss cost of living, which is high and finding the right accommodation to keep up with these standards. However, with help from Cosmos Values, you can study and afford accommodation that will go well with what you can afford.

In this article, we will tell you of what to expect when it comes to finding the right accommodation while studying in Switzerland.

Foreign student accommodation in Switzerland

University on-house accommodation

If you are lucky, the university you attend may have the facilities of on-campus accommodation. This is hassle free because students receive all the facilities they need for a comfortable stay as they pursue their education. Compared to private accommodation options, the universities offer affordable accommodation prices for foreign students ranging from 300 to 900 euros.

If you are keen on finding accommodation through your residence university, you can check their website and browse through the availability of rooms. The downside to this offer is that many of the universities have limited spaces for student accommodation and you therefore have to apply in advance. It is also optional and for those that do not want their universities to offer them accommodation, they can find accommodation elsewhere.

Private accommodation

The next best option if you do not want to use your university accommodation is to rent a place to stay. Many of the foreign students in Switzerland prefer private accommodation to university accommodation. Some want to stay alone while others choose the option of sharing an apartment with one or more other students.

Flat sharing is very popular among foreign students in all the major cities of Switzerland. the houses are large with each student having their own room and sharing the living room and kitchen so literally you pay for your bedroom and cost share other bills such as electricity, water, gas and internet.

The best way to find other students to share an apartment with is by linking up with other foreign students and finding an apartment as a group of either three or four or even two friends. If you cannot find friends to share an apartment with, you can always reach out to trusted real estate agents such as cosmos values to connect with other students looking for flat mates.

The other option is renting a flat where you can live all by yourself. The challenge comes in finding a flat that is close to your university or college. The good thing is that private renting offers you privacy options. If you do not have the time to look around for the perfect flat within the vicinity of your university, you can always count on a trusted real estate agent to help you out.

Homestays accommodation

Another popular option for foreign students studying in Switzerland is staying with families willing to accommodate them for a small fee. This option is excellent especially if you want to learn about the Swiss culture and to meet the locals. It is also much cheaper than all the other options but finding a home willing to take in foreign students is challenging.

You can check through the websites but the best advice would be to reach out to your local real estate agent to help you out. This is because they will not put you up with a family that they have not carried out a research on. This way, you are sure that whatever family that lets you on is trustworthy.

Wrapping it up

Before applying to a university in Switzerland, it is advisable to find out what accommodation options you have. While there is so much information on the internet, all that you may read could mislead so it is advisable to seek advice from someone you can trust and someone that knows the country well. The best starting point is a real estate agent with good review and a good history of competence and reliability.