Do I Need to Take a Real Estate Prep Test?

March 16, 2019 0 By Admin

Taking a real estate pre-licensing course, and consequently, a real estate exam are essential steps to becoming a licensed and practicing real estate agent. All states require real estate agents to pass a licensing test to get the license – but that’s the most challenging aspect of the entire thing. Real estate courses cover a lot of ground, which makes it tough for learners to know the areas that they need to pay attention to during revision.  

Real estate pre-licensing exam is not rocket science. However, more than 50% of those who take it fail on their first attempt. Unfortunately, this means more money spent on retaking the exam and more time wasted trying to prepare. People fail real estate exams for a range of reasons, including:

Procrastination: many people postpone taking the state exam under the disguise of “I need more time to study.” Unfortunately, this never happens. In fact, the study materials only end up gathering dust until they finally decide; it’s time to schedule the exam.

Lack of a plan: real estate is an excellent career, with a promising future. But those who expect to pass the exam the same way they did their high school PE lesson often end up in shock. The lack of a solid study plan is a recipe for failure.

Bad prep materials: real estate exams can be equated to an important game. An athlete needs to practice to win continually. Those who have bad guides or take poor training often end up failing. An excellent real estate prep guide, good program, and a good plan is all it takes to pass the real estate exam.

Not knowing where to focus: real estate courses are usually very comprehensive. It is tough to know where to study. So, many learners end up focusing on some areas that don’t bear much weight in the exam. Prep guides and tests are the best way to get used to the real estate questions and also understand the critical course areas that need more attention.

Test anxiety: last but not lease is test anxiety. Some people aren’t great test takers and feel incredibly nervous about taking the exam. Others go inside the exam room with the poor emotional mindset or a mentality that they will fail – and sadly, they do. But really, with the right kind of guide and study plan, there shouldn’t be any reason to worry about the exam, because that’s all it takes to pass.

So, do you need a real estate prep guide?

As you may have realized, many people fail the real estate exam not because they are stupid but because they procrastinate and fail to prepare adequately. This doesn’t have to be your story – not when you know what you need to do. A high-quality real estate prep guide is all you need to get ready for the real estate exams. Reason being, it helps you cover extensive ground when revising, and also allows you to familiarize yourself with the questions. So to answer your question, yes, you need a real estate prep guide.