Best Real Estate Agents and Builders in San Diego California

Best Real Estate Agents and Builders in San Diego California

March 14, 2019 0 By Admin

Dean Aguilar

Dean Aguilar extremely well knows when it comes to real estate, experience matters, and has nearly two decades of experience in the field. His strategic approach is very famous in market which are a proven technique of success to help customers to buy new dream homes while they are protected by the sales of their present homes. He has created a system for buyers that provides them access to view properties in real-time, as when they come on market. to know and appreciate his customers real estate goals has earned him the respect of his colleagues and customers. He is fair and honest in his transactions and has a distinct standard of following up. The Dean Aguilar Group gives powerful support to the customers by making their listing stand out, ensuring best inspections and perfect settlements.

Melissa Goldstein Tucci Deans special capability

Melissa is famous for her personalized service that is blended with professionalism, knowledge, and enthusiasm. She has sold over $95 million value of property current year. She sold 165 transactions in 2016 and 2015. Sean Michaels the owner of a local bachelor party planning company stated that he put together a great purchase of a home rental used for parties to enjoy local San Diego strippers to entertain on exotic dancing poles filled with LED lights. The home had structure already, he stated this real estate agent was very helpful in finding this perfect fit for the company. She has an amazing track record of sales in her career. She is efficient, fast, and very responsive. Whether it is an email, call or text, irrespective of the timing, Melissa makes sure to react to her customers fast. She is dedicated towards her customers work, and career. She has an artistic approach to sell her houses and this is a standard that is admired by her customers.

Chad Dannecker

Chad carries out his transactions with top ethics. He aims to make continue relationships his customers. Chad attributes his victory to his qualities like market skill, evoking trust amongst his customers, aggressive negotiating expertise. Chad is supported by a team of skilled and talented agents who share Chad’s level of dedication towards their customers. Every step of the process is carried out with utmost care and professionalism, including the video and photography use.

Hedda Parahos

Hedda is a Palisade realtor who has a big experience in selling and buying all through the San Diego county. She has negotiated short-sales, traditional sales, and REOs. She is very targeted on customer satisfaction. For her, business is about satisfying her customers and she is not happy until that aim is met. She has a big experience that she uses to help her customers with any real estate need that they have. Hedda loves open talk, she is willing to listen to her customers needs before they clearly define the aims of the transaction.