Contemporary Home Staging: An Expert’s Guide

Contemporary Home Staging: An Expert’s Guide

May 17, 2019 0 By Admin

Home staging has become an art form in its own right in recent years, and rightfully so, as the look and feel of an interior can mean the difference between selling to the highest bidder and a negative ROI. While it is important to note that you should pay special attention to the curb appeal of the property and the external features of the house, keep in mind that the interior will be your biggest selling point.

Once you have spruced up the driveway and the front landscaping, and maybe even given the exterior a fresh coat of paint, you can begin work on the look and feel of the interior. Here are the tips that will help you bring a contemporary home design to life.

Create a neutral living environment

When prospective homebuyers do decide to venture inside, they will be quick to form their initial opinion. This is why first impressions are so important because they will greatly influence the entire decision-making process. This is also why you shouldn’t make the common mistake of making the interior feel too homey.

By all means, do create a welcoming vibe imbued with peace and positivity, but don’t make the mistake of making it look like the place had already been lived in.

Homebuyers won’t respond to this in a positive way, as they have a need to walk into a neutral setting where they can envision their future, and not dwell on someone else’s past. With that in mind, be sure to keep all personal belongings out of the picture.

Let plenty of sunshine in

There is a strong case to be made for natural light in a contemporary interior, and how it can shape the look and feel of a room. More importantly, it’s important to recognize its potential when it comes to evoking positivity and happiness in the hearts and minds of buyers. In other words, you can greatly influence their decision by simply letting plenty of natural light permeate the interior.

Not only will natural light create a feeling of spaciousness and openness, but more importantly, it will create a welcoming setting that will draw your visitors in. Be sure to manage luminosity in every room in order to set the tone just right, and hang full-length curtains in a neutral hue that add just a dash of privacy and intimacy.

Define every room with rugs

A modern home needs to be well-organized, but not at the expense of personality and charm. This is exactly what the modern homebuyer is looking for, and they will search for this unique blend of style and creativity in every corner of the household. This creates the perfect opportunity to accentuate every area with a beautiful rug.

If there is one thing contemporary rug collections show us, it’s that a beautiful rug can be easily introduced into every design scheme, and used to bring order to a space by framing the design of the room while creating that highly sought-after, welcoming vibe. Use a rug to accentuate a seating area in the living room, a comfortable landing spot underneath the bathtub or the bed, or bring a cozy reading nook to life.

Open the space up with mirrors

Everyone loves a tall mirror in their walk-in closet, but when it comes to interior design, a mirror serves a far grander purpose. Mirrors have the ability to bring light and spaciousness to every setting, effectively making a small room feel more capacious, and a grand space even grander.

What’s more, mirrors make excellent wall pieces, as you can style certain accent walls in the home with ornate mirror frames, such as the staircase wall, and bathe the entire area in light.

Emphasize cleanliness and order

It should go without saying, but there is a need to emphasize the importance or order and cleanliness when it comes to staging a home. While you shouldn’t make the interior look sterile per se, you should go above and beyond to create a clean living environment the homebuyers can appreciate in its entirety.

Staging a home in a modern, yet warm and welcoming way is a delicate process that requires careful planning and considerations. After all, you are trying to evoke the right emotions here, so make sure to implement these tips into your staging plan if you want to appeal to the modern homebuyer.