Tricks for Boosting Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Tricks for Boosting Your Home’s Curb Appeal

August 29, 2019 0 By Admin

If you spruce up your home’s curb appeal, you can create an irresistible first impression on any visitor. Anyone who sees the home’s exterior, whether they are real estate agents or would-be home buyers, will stop to see what’s inside. So your home will not spend a long time on the market before it gets sold. You can use the following tips to make your home beautiful within a week, even if you aren’t prepared to sell it.

  1. Trim the shrubs

Give the tall bushes and shrubs in front of your home a good flat-top trim. Potential buyers will be able to see and appreciate the beauty of the windows and the front of the home. This will increase their desire to come in and see the entire house.

  1. Refurbish the front door

Your front door can create a powerful first impression on your visitors. So make it a symbol of attraction by adding a coat of fresh paint or by replacing it with a custom wooden door. Clean the dirt off the door knob and put metal polish on the door hinges and other fixtures. Let your home’s interior sparkle by adding a wreath that reflects the season and your personality.

  1. Replace your windows

Your windows, particularly those on the front view of your home, most not be overlooked. Grubby windows can easily take away the shine of a home, no matter how beautiful the other features may be, so consider replacing the windows if they are cracked or damaged. If your windows are made of ornamental or original glass, however, giving it some good cleaning will make it look more attractive. Remember that no discerning buyer will be willing to live in a home with old cracked windows.

  1. Do a pressure wash

Take a look outside your home and you will most likely see mold, algae and grime that you can remove to boost your home’s curb appeal. So if painting or renovation is beyond your current budget, you can borrow or rent a pressure washer. This power cleaning machine will take out dirt from the siding and clean the patios, tiles, walkways and decks to make them look brand new.

  1. Install new outdoor lighting

Installing new low wattage garden lighting can help to add extra illumination to your walking path or garden. Low wattage bulbs can be powered by solar panels if you don’t want to install lights that require extensive wiring. You may also add exotic lighting fixtures that will improve your home’s visual appeal while providing additional safety and security.

  1. Add an instant garden

Set up a container garden at your entrance to make your home look welcoming and colorful. You can do this quickly at a relatively low price. If you don’t have time to make your own containers, you can find ready-made ones at your neighborhood garden center. To create a dynamic appearance, arrange the containers in a staggered asymmetrical way.

  1. Renew your mailbox

Let your mailbox complement your personality. Choose a hanging mailbox that blends with the home’s trimmings. Give your mail box a splendid look by painting its stand to match the exterior color of your home. You can also surround it with a sweet looking flowering garden.

  1. Renovate your walkway

Inspect your main walkway. Does it have some broken boring concrete slaps or cracked wood slabs? If so, you can easily create a new one at an affordable price. Attach flat flagstones to bland boring concrete or lay a new walkway with the help of a home improvement expert.

  1. Paint your house

Painting your home’s exterior is not as simple as some of the other ideas offered earlier. But if you have some money to spare to make home look great, you can pay a professional painter. Adding a fresh coat of paint to the front view of your home will give it a brand new look. If you can do this, your home will attract buyers who are ready to a premium for it.

Those are some of the easiest ways to give potential buyers of your home a great first impression. No matter what you do to the interior like fixing damaged plumbing, wiring, or installing a new HVAC system, you need to boost your home’s curb appeal to get prospective buyers to enter through the front door.