The best places in Europe for a student

The best places in Europe for a student

May 30, 2019 0 By Admin

Many times young people, when they finish school or university, are thinking of going abroad, either at undergraduate or postgraduate level, respectively. Thus, besides the dilemma of the subject of study, the question arises as to which city or country is the most appropriate. We cannot help with the subject of studies, because it is in everyone’s judgment, but we can definitely give ideas of which place to choose from quoting the best of Europe.

Paris,( France)

First in our list is Paris. The City of Light has been voted repeatedly as the best city of Europe for students. This city is originally distinguished by the large number of recognized universities, as the state invests significantly in education. Combined with the low tuition fees of universities, Paris makes the number one student’s preference for the world. Also, one can not overlook the contribution of Paris and, more generally, France in the field of culture and science. In addition, France is in the center of Europe and borders with six other countries, which makes moving to other, neighboring countries very easy! The main disadvantage of this city is the high cost of living, especially for the home.

 Copenhagen (Denmark)

and a little distant from central Europe, Copenhagen is an excellent choice for a student. The city is magical, combining natural landscapes and exceptional architecture! For a student is the right place for his studies, first because the level of studies is very high and secondly because he is financed by the state and is thus largely secured economically. Also, lectures at the university take only a few hours, giving them more free time to read, but also activities. In the workplace, either as a student or after studies, there is a lot of flexibility, for example, you can miss the job on Tuesday and go on a Saturday. It is worth noting that Denmark is a well-organized state with many benefits to its inhabitants. All of this, of course, requires resistance to cold and snow because the weather in the Nordic countries is difficult!

Barcelona (Spain)

Another city in Europe that is high on the students’ preferences is Barcelona. It may not be the capital of Spain, but it is as big as Madrid and can offer just as much to a student. Many universities have adopted in their curriculum teaching in English to attract students from all over the world. University tuition fees are very affordable and many of them offer free Spanish lessons. The food in Spain is excellent and very close to Greek gastronomy! Barcelona offers a wide range of museums and galleries as well as high-class architecture with a simple city walk.

Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Of course we could not miss Amsterdam from our list! Each year thousands of students flock to the Netherlands and especially to the capital of the country. It is preferred not only because of low tuition fees and high level of education but also because of the subsequent absorption in the workplace. As for life in Amsterdam, it is very enjoyable, as its inhabitants are among the happiest people in the world! This is what the great green parks can do for picnics, for reading or simply for your time, but also for cycling. Last but not least, the rich cultural heritage of the city has to be remembered as many artists have started from there, such as VanGogh and Rembrandt, with plenty of museums, which are among the best in the world.

Studying in Switzerland

Switzerland counts a total of 12 universities, of which 10 universities belong to different cantons and 2 are global.

Switzerland is a small country, just 41,284 square kilometers, located in the center of Europe and borders with France, Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein and Italy. It is one of the most mountainous countries in Europe, since two-thirds of its territory is occupied by the Alps, so the economic life of the country is concentrated in the plateau zone.

This multilingual and multicultural society acts in an ever-expanding economy, ranked fifth among the top national economies worldwide. The education and research sector also has a positive impact on this well-being. Swiss universities are able to provide high-quality studies to their students. So a student can have high quality studies and life in general. With the help of the experts of cosmos values real estate, he can find a great place in the heart of the city, he is going to choose in order to be high educated.